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Developers of Pozi GIS System

The Pozi Story

Groundtruth was founded in 1999 by Simon O'Keefe as a consulting company to help Victorian councils manage and better understand their Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

In 2007, after attending the Free and Open Source for Geospatial conference in Canada, Simon realised the potential for a hosted web GIS for Australian councils. The idea for Pozi was born, and the service was launched in 2009 as the first hosted web GIS in Australia.

In 2010, Groundtruth launched a secondary product, Pozi Connect, a data processing tool now used by close to 70% of Victorian councils.

In 2014, Pozi was re-written to be more user-friendly and mobile responsive to meet the growing needs of councils to serve both internal and external users.

Now councils across Victoria and other organisations are benefiting from Pozi's ability to deliver location-based information at an affordable price that's personalised to their needs.

The Groundtruth Team

Simon O'Keefe, Managing Director/Geospatial Systems Developer

Simon O’Keefe has worked with councils and other organisations since 1999. As a software designer and specialist in Victorian local government, he has developed specialised GIS applications that assist councils comply with property data reporting requirements, which have been adopted by nearly 70% of Victoria’s councils.

He advocates for open data and the use of location-based data in particular to increase staff productivity and community engagement.

Simon Hutchison, Web Developer

Simon Hutchison has been worked in the commercial software industry for over 20 years, building bespoke software solutions in Australia and abroad. Simon is a full stack developer, working with both Microsoft and Linux technology stacks, and more recently with Amazon Web Services infrastructure and distributed datastores. He joined Groundtruth in 2015 and has been instrumental in Pozi's redesign as a modern responsive web application.


Barrie Slattery, GIS Analyst

Barrie Slattery has worked as a software engineer for over 25 years, largely in the finance sector, both in Australia and abroad. Barrie has also been working in a GIS environment over the past 15 years, providing mapping services in the private sector, and developing corporate GIS solutions within local government. He joined Groundtruth in 2016, and is now our first point of contact for our clients when they request support and customisation.

Discuss your GIS needs

Discuss your organisation's GIS requirements direct with the developers of Pozi. Located in Melbourne CBD, the team at Groundtruth will talk you through how Pozi's public facing map will help increase customer service and internal staff productivity, and delight your clients. Fill in the below form and we'll be in touch or call us on (03) 9017 6850.