Online Community Feedback

Interactive Map for Community Engagement & Feedback

Did you know you can use Pozi as an online community map for engagement and feedback? With this Pozi Pro feature, we will work with you to specifically tailor an interactive online map for your organisation’s community consultation needs to deliver you better insights to your location-based decision making.


What exactly is an online community map?

An online community map could also be regarded as community feedback form or survey and, in simple terms, is an online, interactive map of an area that allows public users to input their own data that answers your location-based questions.


Why would you need an online community map?

This Pozi Pro feature is perfect for organisations who require community engagement relating to geographic locations. Allowing public comment on an online map allows your organisation to make more insightful decisions around an area’s strategy and planning.


How does it work?

The Pozi Map incorporates an online form and/or questionnaire to collect public data.

  1. Share unique link that sends users to a specific map of the location you’re collecting data

  2. Users simply click on the specific location they want to provide feedback and enter their answers to your strategy or planning questions.

  3. You receive feedback answers direct.

  4. Comments are approved to be available for the public to view and comment further – allowing for community engagement and collaboration.


Who uses community engagement maps?

Most of our work to date has been with Victorian Councils and Local Government needing public comments for strategy documents. But this Pozi Pro feature would be invaluable for any organisation who works with communities and requires feedback against geographic data. Industries such has sustainability, urban planning, tourism, sports, arts, education, infrastructure, transport, and more.


Organisations using Pozi’s for Community Feedback

How do I get started?

This feature is available for Pozi Pro clients and is designed and developed in collaboration with our consultants and development team.

Discover how Pozi is your cost effective, quick and simple-to-use online mapping tool that will deliver not just community engagement and feedback, but a range of other mapping solutions. Contact us today by filling in the below form or call us on (03) 9017 6850.