Update: We are no longer sending out free USB drives of GIS-on-a-Stick. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Geospatial toolkit to go

Winner in the inaugural Data Vic Competition

  Minister for Technology Gordon Rich-Phillips presents Groundtruth with the award.

Minister for Technology Gordon Rich-Phillips presents Groundtruth with the award.

Start Now

Kickstart your next Geographic Information System project with a USB flash drive containing powerful open source GIS software and free data.

Compiled by Groundtruth, GIS-on-a-Stick contains the robust QGIS software and Vicmap data in a self-contained spatial database. We've taken care of sourcing, importing, categorising, filtering, optimising, zoom-layering and styling the data, so you have a solid foundation on which to start your next GIS project.

Why GIS-on-a-Stick?

Imagine starting your next GIS project with everything you need to get started: powerful GIS software, base data, and map layer styles.

Simply add your own data, and you have everything you need to:

  • visualise
  • analyse
  • share

There are no restrictions on copying and distributing the stick.

What's on the Stick?

  • portable QGIS
  • spatial database (4.6 GB, Spatialite format), populated with:
    • Vicmap Address
    • Vicmap Admin
    • Vicmap Planning
    • Vicmap Property
    • Vicmap Lite
    • Vicmap Transport
    • Public Transport Victoria
  • Pozi Connect data load software, for updating the database from new tables
  • Spatialite GUI
  • self-replicating script, for copying itself onto a new stick
  • QGIS project, containing settings for visualising the data


Need assistance to integrate GIS-on-a-Stick into your workflow? Contact Groundtruth to discuss your requirements.


See launch presentation of GIS-on-a-Stick given at the Newtech Ballarat conference on 13 March 2014:


Visit the GIS-on-a-Stick code repository for more details and latest developments: