Installing Common Ground

If you are attempting to use Common Ground on a new PC, or if your existing PC has undergone any changes to DSN settings, you may see the following error.


You can find out what DSNs are installed by going to Windows Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC) > System DSN.

Compare the available DSNs with the one specified in your Common Ground INI file. You can find your INI file in the Common Ground program folder, alongside the MBX file. Double-click to open it in NotePad, and you will see a setting like the following:

SourceName = Pathway
ODBCConnectionString = DSN=pthprod;Trusted_Connection=Yes

The DSN name specified here is 'pathprod'. Check in your DSN list that this DSN exists. If not, add one yourself if you know how, or ask your IT Administrator to add it for you.