Pozi Web Map

Hosted web map for your organisation

Pozi is a hosted web map solution uniquely developed for councils, but can also be implemented and customised to a cross-section of industries who need to:

  • make timely and informed decisions about infrastructure, properties and workforce
  • help customers with their location-based enquiries
  • promote local places, facilities events and services to customers

Pozi is an intuitive, interactive, location-based communication platform for both internal and external use that aggregates geographic information from multiple sources in user-friendly web application, at a fraction of the cost of traditional Geographic Information System (GIS) software.


Benefit from a hosted web map that:

  • Displays location-based information and data from multiple sources in one map window
  • Creates maps for enquiries, visualisation and fieldwork
  • Integrates existing systems and software easily at lower cost
  • Customises to your unique data
  • Eliminates expensive software licensing fees and doesn't lock you in to a long-term contract


Deliver data to staff and public – easily and affordably. Users can access the information they need at any time, such as property information, nearby community facilities and services, and aerial imagery.

Manage services intelligently. Staff can view additional information such as property owner details and asset information.

Find information about any location. View land parcel details, planning controls, road closures, maintenance schedules, major projects, waste collection zones and more.

Reduce data maintenance overheads. Pozi operates independently of your internal IT infrastructure and connects live to state and federal government web services so you don't have to spend time maintaining and updating base datasets.

Let’s get technical...

Pozi runs from our secure Australian-based web server. This means you get all the benefits of cloud computing (security, backups, disaster recovery and continuous upgrades) and ongoing support.

You also get:

  • Responsive design for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
  • Bookmarking of locations, layers and features for sending links and embedding custom maps in your website.
  • Integration with internal and external sources to display vital information for any location.
  • GPS location to place your staff and customers at the scene.
  • Customisation so your organisation can get up and running quickly.

Let’s get functional...

  • Display map information from different sources on the one map.
  • Have full visibility of your organisation’s activities through a single portal.
  • Free your people to use data strategically with no need to double-handle externally-maintained data.
  • Share information cost effectively and connect with staff and public.
  • Deliver relevant data to external stakeholders on demand.
  • Customise maps display with just one click.

Pozi in Action

Click on the links below to see the Pozi sites used by our clients.

Want to know more about Pozi?

Before you get locked in to another long-term expensive contract, call us on 03 9017 6850 or email us at info@groundtruth.com.au to organise a demonstration.