Pozi Connect

Powerful data processing

Pozi Connect is Groundtruth’s powerful data extraction and processing utility. Pozi Connect (formerly known as PlaceLab) is a vendor-neutral desktop application that draws on data from multiple spatial and non-spatial sources to generate derived datasets and map layers.

It generates map layers from corporate databases (spatial and non-spatial), performs spatial data analysis, converts between data formats (Esri SHP, MapInfo TAB, DXF, KML, and others), loads data into spatial databases (SQL Server 2008, PostGIS, Oracle Spatial), and generally automates many of the tasks that GIS Administrators find themselves doing on a regular basis.

In advanced deployments, it additionally compares and analyses multiple data sources to determine the relationships (and discrepancies) between them.

Despite the shared branding, Pozi Connect can operate independently from Pozi Web GIS, and can be implemented by organisations regardless of whether they are Pozi subscribers.

Case Studies

Pozi Connect for M1s

Victorian muncipalities are required to submit to the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP) regular updates of their property and address information on a spreadsheet form called the M1.

Most councils rely on systems of keeping track of changes and routinely digging back into past records to find out-of-date or missing information, even if they use tools like Groundtruth's Pozi Connect for M1s plug-in for MapInfo.

It's hardly a solution that anyone would imagine we'd be relying on over ten years after the M1 was introduced.

Pozi Connect for M1s saves councils time and effort by automating the entire M1 workflow, from tracking changes, to identifying errors, to generating the complete M1.


Pozi Connect compares councils' property and rates data with the latest Vicmap data. The application determines the edits required to reconcile the datasets, generating M1 form as well as discrepancy reports showing any remaining data anomalies.

Over half of Victorian councils are managing their property data maintenance with Pozi Connect, from large ones like the ever-expanding Melton City Council to small ones like Towong Shire. From big to small, metro to rural, councils are deciding they'd rather put their time, effort and specialised skills to better use than filling in M1s.

Learn more about Pozi Connect for M1s here.


Each year, Victoria's Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP) requires councils to supply it with an extract of property and address information from their internal property systems to be used for DELWP’s annual Property Information Quality Audit (PIQA).

The process of extracting, filtering and formatting this data is time consuming and often overwhelming for councils, and can require the participation and co-operation of council staff members across GIS, Rates and IT departments.

Pozi Connect enables over half of Victoria's councils to quickly and accurately compile their property and address information to submit for their annual Property Information Quality Audit (PIQA).​