Pozi Enterprise

Pozi Enterprise takes the Pozi experience to the next level for your organisation. Staff get the same ease-of-use and performance as the public-facing Pozi, plus secure integration with local data sources such as property and asset systems, CRMs and GIS database and files.

Supported systems and formats

Property systems:

  • Infor Pathway

  • Civica Authority

  • TechOne Property and Rating

  • Ibis Lynx

  • Fujitsu

  • SynergySoft

  • Any other ODBC-compliant system

Asset systems:

  • Conquest

  • myData

  • AssetEdge

  • Any other ODBC-compliant system

GIS formats:

  • Esri Shapefile

  • MapInfo TAB

  • SQL Server Spatial

  • PostGIS

  • GeoPackage

  • GeoJSON

  • GeoCSV

  • Any other OGR-compatible formats

How it works

The  standard Pozi web app  already retrieves data from various sources across the web. Pozi Enterprise adds another data source - your own organisation's network.

We install the Pozi Server software on your internal network on its own virtual machine. The Pozi Server then acts as a go-between for the Pozi web app and your local databases and files. When staff on your network use Pozi, their browser connects to Pozi Server as if it were connecting to any other data source on the web. Pozi Server delivers map layers and connected attributes from your internal data sources directly to the user's browser in a seamless experience for users.


Pozi Server is only visible and accessible to users on your local network. Users outside of your organisation's firewall are not able to see or connect to the IP address of your internal server.

No data ever leaves your organisation's network. Not even Groundtruth staff can see it.


Groundtruth staff will come to your organisation to install Pozi Server on a virtual server within your network. We configure Pozi Server to connect to the internal data sources that you want your staff to see.

If your organisation's network doesn't already support https, we'll also set up an SSL certificate and automate its renewal.

What are the pre-requisites?

To ensure the process goes smoothly, we request that the following be prepared before the implementation.

  • Virtual Windows machine, 500MB RAM minimum, 500MB disk space

  • Powershell

  • NodeJS 8+

  • New domain user, with the following permissions:

    • temporary local admin rights

    • trusted user of DSN for any databases you want to connect (read-only)

    • network access to any folders of GIS data files that you want to make available to internal users

    • launch scheduled tasks

    • internet access (to periodically connect to the certificate authority; no internal data is ever transferred out of the network)

  • list of database tables/views and GIS files you want integrated

  • database views configured to show attributes for staff enquiries

How are permissions controlled?

Your network administrator controls Pozi Server's network and database access by configuring its domain user privileges. You can restrict Pozi Server's access to only the network folders and database tables/views that you want your internal staff to see.

Why does Pozi Server need to connect to the internet?

Because Pozi Server runs as a secure service, it requires a valid SSL certificate. These certificates expire every few months. We configure a scheduled task for Pozi Server to periodically reach out to the certificate authority (https://letsencrypt.org/) to check if a new certificate is required, and download and install it when appropriate.

Alternatively, if you don't want the service to connect to the internet, we'll provide your IT staff with the necessary processes and tools to check and install the certificate manually.

How do I modify what users see?

Configuration of the data sources is stored in XML files, using the VRT standard. IT/GIS staff can edit these files to update data file locations, filter records, re-name fields, modify styling, join tables, and more. When you're done, preview the results using QGIS.

Further information

To find out more how Pozi Enterprise helps organisations easily access local data, email info(a)groundtruth.com.au, call 03 9017 6850, or fill in the form below and we'll be in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.