Pozi Features



Live, authoritative data

Pozi connects to GIS data at its source to deliver your online map with the most accurate, up-to-date information possible; also eliminating the hassle of maintaining your own data copies. Pozi connects directly to live map layers from authoritative government sources such data.gov.au, NationalMap, DataVic, NSW Spatial Information eXchange, and more


Customer support

Receive personalised assistance by phone or email from the Groundtruth team in Melbourne, Australia. You will communicate directly with the people who administer and develop the Pozi platform, so you’ll get the help and support you need from the outset without delays.


Responsive design

Pozi maps are fully responsive to fit on any device. Whether your customers are searching information on a desktop, tablet or phone, Pozi intelligently arranges its interface to make best use of the available screen size.


Intelligent address search

Gone are the days of typing a house number, street name and locality into separate online fields. Pozi’s autocomplete address search rapidly returns results specific to a specific address and the map’s region. The Pozi search box intelligently parses customers’ requests to get to an address with a minimum of keystrokes and fuss.


GPS location

Pozi maps incorporates GPS to help customers out-and-about find their current location in relation to other data. Customers easily centre the map by using ‘locate function’ and Pozi uses their device’s GPS to pinpoint their location on the map.


Aerial imagery

Aerial imagery allows users to clearly see the visual landmarks of their location including buildings, roads and vegetation. With a single click, customers can toggle on or off an aerial photo layer.


Unlimited users

Want to share your organisation’s data with a wider audience? Pozi scales to serve any number of users. The team at Groundtruth will take care of your website infrastructure, so you can concentrate on your business.


Zero installation

Users don’t need to install any specialty software to use Pozi. The online map is accessible on any device.


Custom maps

Pozi allows you to have unlimited, embeddable and bookmarkable maps customised to your organisation’s data.

Pozi Pro

Pozi Pro offers your organisation all the above features along with more advanced functionality to further engage with customers and satisfy the demands of internal staff and other repeat users.


Integrated forms

Pozi Pro is your two-way communications channel with the community. Integrate forms to any map feature and enable users to provide feedback, fill in surveys, book facilities, post events, or report issues about user-selected locations. Pozi Pro’s Forms have been also used to consult and engage community with the added feature allowing people to comment and like other people’s posts.


Advanced search

With Pozi Pro, users can search for a location using information other than an address, such as a facility name, property id, asset id and more.


Nearby places

Whenever a user searches for their address or location, Pozi Pro shows the nearest facilities and services to that address, helping users quickly get their bearings.


Multiple imagery layers

Multiple imagery layers allow users to combine multiple images and toggle between aerial images from different dates. Users can compare date-stamped, visible and infra-red images to identify changes in urban growth, building footprints, vegetation and more. If your organisation has a collection of hi-res and lo-res imagery, Pozi Pro will merge them into a seamless layer that ensures complete coverage.


Map widget

Pozi Pro has a map widget that allows you to embed an address search box on your website to launch a custom map. Users simply enter an address and Pozi Pro will launch its map featuring their chosen location. (See Cardinia Case Study.)


Information widget

Different from Map Widget, the Information Widget allows an address search field to be embedded on your website to display property-specific information (without a map launch), such as Council bin collection dates. (See Cardinia Case Study)


Layer filtering

Layer filtering allows users to pick the subset of visual data and detail specifically what you would like viewable on a map.



Users can select multiple properties in Pozi Pro by defining areas of interest.


Download results

Pozi Pro allows administrators to download key information regarding a selected list of properties into formats that can be used as data fields in mail merge documents.


Custom bookmarking

Pozi Pro enables you to generate custom map links to control exactly how the app appears to users. Focus your users' attention on what you want them to see by hiding unneeded datasets and buttons. Especially helpful for customer service and emailing map information specific to the customer and their enquiry.


GPS tracking

Pozi Pro has constant GPS tracking that follows users as they walk or drive, allowing easy identification of assets and other roadside features as they move

Pozi Enterprise

Take your organisational data and public web page to the ultimate level.

Pozi Enterprise has all the features of Pozi and Pozi Pro plus the following:


Property system integration

Pozi Enterprise enables internal staff to access property information from your organisation’s internal property database, such as:

  • owner and ratepayer details
  • planning, planning, local law permits
  • animal registrations
  • waste, special charges, compliance issues

Pozi Enterprise works with various property systems, including:

  • Infor Pathway
  • Civica Authority
  • TechOne Property and Rating
  • Ibis Lynx
  • Fujitsu
  • SynergySoft
  • any other ODBC-compliant system


Asset system integration

With Pozi Enterprise, staff will see live data for property asset status and maintenance history.


GIS integration

Enable staff to access map layers directly from your organisation’s network

  • MapInfo TAB
  • Esri Shapefile
  • PostGIS
  • SQL Server Spatial
  • GeoPackage
  • any other GDAL-compatible source (SQLite, DXF, CSV, XLSX, VRT and more)