Municipal Property Data Maintenance

Groundtruth has over 15 years experience in property data maintenance for Victorian councils. We've built tools for assisting and automating M1 forms, and now we're making our expertise available for councils who want to target their efforts to improve the reliability of their data.

  • introduce M1 process to new staff
  • generate and submit M1 to provide an immediate boost to the property match rate
  • generate audits and analyse the audit reports to identify problem areas in council property data
  • guide users on how to take advantage of new Pozi Connect features like tracking and reporting
  • fine-tune Pozi Connect configuration to deal with any council-specific data anomalies
  • discuss strategies for improving data maintenance procedures

In one day onsite, we can put your data maintenance processes back on track, and improve the reliability of your GIS. Contact Groundtruth to make an appointment.