Vicmap Change #195

In November 2013, the Department of Environment and Primary Industries is changing the delivery format for its Vicmap Property dataset, affecting users of Groundtruth's Common Ground software.


New Common Ground

We've updated Common Ground to enable it to work with the new Vicmap Property format. Download and install the latest Common Ground, which works with both the existing and new formats.


Click here to download the new version of Common Ground.


To 'install' this MBX file, remove your existing 'Common Ground.MBX' file from its current location on your network (eg, X:\GIS\Tools\Common Ground\Common Ground.MBX'), or move it to another folder as a backup. If you're uable to remove the existing file, it's likely that someone on your network is using it, and you'll need to ask all Common Ground users to exit out of MapInfo while you do the file swap.

Substitute in this new MBX file, and you're ready to start using Common Ground.

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What's changed?

The new Vicmap Property Simplified format will no longer include a field that Common Ground relied upon for filtering different types of properties. You can read about the change here: Vicmap Change # 195 (PDF)

This change removes the field PROPV_FEATURE_TYPE from the Vicmap Property Simplified 1 dataset. Until now, Common Ground relied on the various code number values in this field to distinguish between 'base' and 'primary' properties.

Common Ground will now instead use the PROP_PROPERTY_TYPE field, which is populated with the values 'O' for 'occupancy' (ie, primary) and 'G' for 'graphic' (ie, base).

For those who are technically inclined, you can view the specific changes we made to Common Ground in our new public code repository here.

A tip for fixing workspaces...

If you use the sample MapInfo workspace provided by Groundtruth for your property matching or other purposes, you may experience an error when the Vicmap format changes.

Variable or Field PROPV_FEATURE_TYPE not defined.

06-11-2013 15-12-17.png

Here is how to fix your workspace file if that occurs.

  1. Locate your workspace file (.wor). It's often in the same folder as the Common Ground application, and may be called something like 'Common Ground.wor' or 'Vicmap.wor'
  2. Backup the file by copying it to another location (eg, into a new folder called 'Backup')
  3. Open up your existing .wor file in a text editor like NotePad.
  4. Scroll down, past all the Open Table... statements, to the Select... statements, and find the line starting with Select * from PROPERTY_MP where PROP_PROPNUM = ""...
  5. Delete the following portion of that line: PROPV_FEATURE_TYPE not in ( "27723" , "27743" , "5723" , "5743" )
  6. Replace it with this text: PROP_PROPERTY_TYPE = "O" Note: this is 'O' for occupancy, not a zero
  7. Save your file
  8. Reopen it in MapInfo
In Summary

Edit your workspace file in NotePad to replace...

Select * from PROPERTY_MP where PROP_PROPNUM = "" and PROPV_FEATURE_TYPE not in ( "27723" , "27743" , "5723" , "5743" ) and PROP_STATUS <> "P" into PROPERTY_MP_unmatched noselect


Select * from PROPERTY_MP where PROP_PROPNUM = "" and PROP_PROPERTY_TYPE = "O" and PROP_STATUS <> "P" into PROPERTY_MP_unmatched noselect

Contact Groundtruth if you continue to experience any issues with your workspace file.